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Dodgy scam suggesting it comes from dpd.

Internet Guest | 19-09-2021 02:26


Another number that hangs up when you answer the phone. Tried ringing them back on my anonymous number, they answer but remain silent.

Internet Guest | 18-09-2021 17:00


Although this number is registered to Manchester Civil Court, it appears to have been hijacked. Needs checking.

Internet Guest | 18-09-2021 11:01


message left supposedly from my internet provider (but no company name given). States they have been trying to contact me and that they will be stopping/deleting my internet ac...

Internet Guest | 18-09-2021 09:38


A few reports elsewhere suggest it's a trade union offering its members health care insurance.

Internet Guest | 18-09-2021 07:57


amazon scam want conformation of purchase ,card details- no way

Internet Guest | 17-09-2021 22:32


Called me, when I try and call back says number not recognised

Internet Guest | 17-09-2021 22:00


Scam call regarding debit card

Internet Guest | 17-09-2021 16:47


Reported elsewhere as a lottery scam.

Internet Guest | 16-09-2021 16:57


Leicester Child Groomer Kamran Qayyum of Spinney Hill Evington Highfields area. LE5 Coward.

Internet Guest | 16-09-2021 09:01