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Mr. Juma Called me with that number. Said he works with odpp and has my eacc files. Told him to send that information through my bosses. He has hang up.

Internet Guest | 27-07-2021 10:02


attempted scam from 01914204100 purporting to be from my internet supplier .

Internet Guest | 25-07-2021 09:39


Fictitious scam caller after personal info to help with compensation claim

Internet Guest | 25-07-2021 01:51


Rang me twice about fraudulent activity on my bank account. They knew my name and which bank I use. Felt very real. Ignored the first one, but was not sure what to do on the 2nd time. I did press a key and they rang off. Am hoping it was because I hesitated and call was taking too longI hate spammers!

Internet Guest | 25-07-2021 00:26


Reliable company source

Internet Guest | 24-07-2021 21:51


Hiya said the call was "Suspected spam" and "Reported as debt collector".

Internet Guest | 24-07-2021 20:48


Calling my Danish number, living in Sweden.

Internet Guest | 24-07-2021 19:20



Internet Guest | 24-07-2021 11:12


answered call and no-one there

Internet Guest | 24-07-2021 09:33


Silent call, no message left.

Internet Guest | 24-07-2021 09:02