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music playing... followed by 'your call is important to us please hold the line' in an american accent. Did not wait... but cut the call.

Internet Guest | 08-12-2021 19:53


Scam call re nat insurance number crime uk crime agency that it haas been used in illegal activity

Internet Guest | 08-12-2021 17:19


Phishing Microsoft technical assistance

Internet Guest | 08-12-2021 15:19


This is the number on the website. Telephone number calls are from is 03333 440000.Seems to be suspicious or fraud. Message refers to . When check...

Internet Guest | 08-12-2021 12:13


Scam national crime agency

Internet Guest | 08-12-2021 09:28


Scam call claiming to be from Ebay Recorded voice claiming to be from Ebay informing "Your account has been charged £79.9 ("Seventy nine point nine pounds" sic)...

Internet Guest | 08-12-2021 03:10


S/he asks for your number on selling plateform and then seemed interested to buy, make it as arranged courier and you need to click on link - which I unfortunately did You fill in details for the selling. Then you notice money taken away from your account and I stopped it before all my money was gone and phoned the bank.

Internet Guest | 07-12-2021 17:59


Rang my mobile. No idea who it is. 5 seconds at most.

Internet Guest | 07-12-2021 16:47


This number called me saying their from carephone warehouse but still not sure if they are or not

Internet Guest | 07-12-2021 11:59


did not answer but second number that has phoned me in three days from bournemouth where i do not know anybody

Internet Guest | 07-12-2021 10:26