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Recorded message which told me that HMRC had issued a warrant for my arrest - nice of them to notify me !

Internet Guest | 09-07-2023 04:35


Not spam, genuine call reference my DFS order

Internet Guest | 09-07-2023 04:21


Scam call

Internet Guest | 09-07-2023 04:14


I would like to make contact with this person , if he could ring me , or my daughter please. thankyou.

Internet Guest | 09-07-2023 04:05


ANY unexpected call about your computer, router, viruses, wifi, IP address, internet being cut off, etc., is ALWAYS A SCAM. These calls use spoofed numbers, originate outside th...

Internet Guest | 09-07-2023 03:59


Incoming call lasted 4 seconds then line cut off. Possible a marketing call. Now blocked

Internet Guest | 09-07-2023 03:53


PPI sales person

Internet Guest | 09-07-2023 03:45


Youth hostels association

Internet Guest | 09-07-2023 03:34


its Rochester prison for sure

Internet Guest | 09-07-2023 03:28


•••SCAMMERS / FRAUDSTERS••• “Spoofing” [fraudulently using] a number from UK Area Code 01478 [Isle of Skye - Portree]. You’re not likely to know anyone who actually lives there...

Internet Guest | 09-07-2023 03:04