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Spam caller; registered w TPS but still calls .

Internet Guest | 22-04-2021 08:23


Stating I need to take action. Legal enforcement action filed on your NI number on cp 116 92015 for more information. Ignoring this information will lead to your NI suspensionCall our investigation department

Internet Guest | 22-04-2021 08:23


Ringing my sons phone who don’t even have a contract or any concerns for bills he’s 8 .

Internet Guest | 22-04-2021 08:23


Accident claims . Try to get you to make false claim for injury after an accident .

Internet Guest | 22-04-2021 08:23



Internet Guest | 22-04-2021 08:23


Pretending to be NCI

Internet Guest | 22-04-2021 08:23


Hoax caller looking to gain access to your on line banking by saying they are from SIRO and want to improve your internet access speed.

Internet Guest | 22-04-2021 08:22


Outbound number of Capquest Debt Recovery or affiliated outsourced-company number.

Internet Guest | 22-04-2021 08:22


Caller claimed to be calling from BT technical department.

Internet Guest | 22-04-2021 08:22


Fakesms für Paketzustellung via Dashcards . com

Internet Guest | 22-04-2021 08:22